Make money online from any place of the world
Share links to appealing products with friends or subscribers and get paid for each purchase made via that link
Making money with Admitad Extension is easy!
Fully free-of-charge extension for Google Chrome – all you need is to make money is a computer with internet access
Only recommend trusted stores – the ones where you do your own shopping on a regular basis
Help your friends and subscribers to save money by sharing with them discounts and coupons from various stores
Two-click generated link to any product in the extension and share with friends or subscribers
Why are brands willing to pay a reward?
Because you help them to promote their goods and services and attract new customers, and for this you get a percentage of the sale

When a user follows your link and makes a purchase, we will know that this customer has come from you. We will see the amount of the purchase made and give you a reward for the new buyer.
Who can benefit from Admitad Extension?
Both novice and experienced bloggers
Do you write reviews on clothes, cosmetics, or gadgets? Tell your subscribers where they can buy these products at best prices
Owners of communities and groups in social networks, as well as channels in Telegram
Share unusual finds and trending items with your audience
Students, housewives, freelancers
Want to make some extra money in your free time? Recommend products and services to your friends and acquaintances and get paid for it
Simply friendly people
Do you chat on themed forums and in chat rooms, leave comments on social networks? Take advantage of it: suggest only correct stores and products
Where to begin?
Install our extension for Google Chrome browser and sign up
Find any online store marked with an AD icon in the Google or Yandex search
Visit its website, select a product that you find interesting, open extension and copy the link
Get a percent from each purchase made via your link
Share the link with friends and subscribers
Share links and make money online!
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