Admitad Extension referral program
Earn with the affiliate marketing and call your friends!
For a year, get 5% of income of the affiliate network from all your referrals
Admitad Extension
publishers already use Admitad Extension
affiliate links generated over the past year
USD earned by the publisher who registered in Admitad Extension last week
20 500
1 080 834
2 652
Create affiliate links right on the advertiser's website, share them on social media and earn money on affiliate programs from all over the world
How does it work?
The link can be found in the Admitad Extension in the "invite a friend" tab
Share the link with students, colleagues, competitors and just friends. Post it on your blog, social media profile or in the video description
5% of Admitad earnings from each referral who follows the link
Copy the referral link
Bring referrals
Get extra income
Referral Program Terms
USD sales volume with the Admitad Extension over the past 6 months
you get from earning a network from each referral
you get a reward for each referral
2 700 069
1 year
Build your own referral network using the Admitad Extension, a simple tool in which even a novice can start making money
Who will be interested to work with us
– you have a blog, site or group on social media / messenger
– you often share useful links in the community
– you've been in CPA for a long time and your colleagues and competitors listen to your opinion
– you teach affiliate marketing to beginners
Where can I find a link to connect a new publisher?
Each publisher including you has a unique referral link that you can use at your ad space or elsewhere.
The link can be found in Admitad Extension in the "invite a friend" tab.

If a user follows this link and signs up to Admitad within a year after clicking on the link, he will become your referral, and you will receive a percentage of Admitad's profit from him. You will receive a percentage of the profits your friend brings to Admitad. Note that your reward is not withheld from the referrals' rewards, but is paid by Admitad itself, so your referrals do not lose anything.
How much will I earn?
Your commission is a percentage you get from Admitad earnings on your referrals. Usually it is 5%, but we may make an exception for publishers who attracted many active publishers. For more information, please contact our tech support team.

The reward is calculated as a percentage of Admitad's revenue from the amount that your referrals have withdrawn from the system for this month. The reward is immediately transferred to Confirmed directly. If referrals withdrew funds in different currencies, then your earnings will also be in different currencies.
How can I see statistics on my referrals?
A link to Report will appear when your referrals make at least one withdrawal.In the personal account of Admitad publisher, statistics are available for the entire period of your work.
Join the referral program and call your friends
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